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Dellore Plumbing Toilet Installation

Are you facing plumbing issues at your residence?

In search of a trustworthy plumber?

Where can you find a professional and friendly expert to provide reliable advice and address

your plumbing concerns?

Look no further – Dellore Plumbing is at your service.

When confronted with intricate tasks like toilet installations, especially those requiring meticulous attention,

Dellore Plumbing Services is ready to provide expert assistance. Our adept team excels in precisely addressing concerns related to toilet installations with reliability and precision. Whether you are in Ballarat or its neighboring areas, our proficient professionals are committed to offering effective and tailored solutions for toilet installations, utilizing advanced techniques and equipment as necessary. Count on us to promptly and efficiently handle the installation process, ensuring optimal performance and delivering the necessary expertise to guarantee a seamlessly installed toilet.

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Phil Dellore and his team are your Local Plumbers in Ballarat

Dellore Plumbing Toilet Installation Process:

  1. Consultation and Assessment:

    • A skilled plumber from Dellore Plumbing conducts an initial on-site consultation to assess the installation area and discuss any specific requirements or preferences with the client.

  2. Old Toilet Removal:

    • If replacing an existing toilet, the plumbing team disconnects the water supply and removes the old toilet carefully, ensuring minimal disruption.

  3. Flange Inspection and Repair:

    • The plumber inspects the flange for any damage or issues. Repairs or replacements are undertaken to ensure a solid foundation for the new toilet.

  4. Wax Ring Placement:

    • A new wax ring is placed on the flange, creating a secure and watertight seal between the toilet and the sewer pipe.

  5. Precise Toilet Placement:

    • The new toilet is positioned over the wax ring, aligning it accurately with the closet bolts. Care is taken to ensure proper alignment for stability.

  6. Secure Toilet to Flange:

    • The plumbing team securely fastens the toilet to the flange by tightening nuts onto the closet bolts, ensuring a stable and leak-free connection.

  7. Leveling and Alignment:

    • A level is used to ensure the toilet is perfectly level. Adjustments are made as necessary to guarantee a balanced and aesthetically pleasing installation.

  8. Tank Attachment:

    • If applicable, the plumber attaches the tank to the bowl following the manufacturer's guidelines, ensuring a secure and functional connection.

  9. Water Supply Connection:

    • The water supply line is expertly connected to the fill valve on the toilet tank, ensuring proper water flow for optimal flushing.

  10. Thorough Checks:

    • The plumbing team conducts a series of checks, including flushing the toilet, to identify and address any potential issues. This ensures that all components are functioning correctly.

  11. Optional Sealing:

    • Depending on the specific installation and customer preference, a bead of silicone sealant may be applied around the base of the toilet for added sealing and a polished finish.

  12. Clean-Up:

    • The work area is thoroughly cleaned, and any debris or old fixtures are responsibly disposed of, leaving the installation site neat and tidy.

Dellore Plumbing prioritizes precision, quality, and customer satisfaction throughout the toilet installation process, delivering professional services tailored to the specific needs of their clients. For precise details, it is recommended to contact Dellore Plumbing directly.


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