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Dellore Plumbing Leak Detection 

Are you facing plumbing issues at your residence?

In search of a trustworthy plumber?

Where can you find a professional and friendly expert to provide reliable advice and address

your plumbing concerns?

Look no further – Dellore Plumbing is at your service.

When faced with complex challenges such as detecting leaks, particularly those demanding accurate diagnosis

using thermal and acoustic methods, Dellore Plumbing Services stands prepared to offer expert assistance. Our skilled team excels in pinpointing and addressing concerns related to leaks with precision and reliability. Whether you are in Ballarat or its neighboring areas, our proficient professionals are dedicated to providing effective and customized solutions for leak detection, employing advanced thermal and acoustic techniques and equipment as necessary. Count on us to promptly and efficiently assess your plumbing system, ensuring optimal condition, and delivering the necessary repairs to restore functionality.

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Phil Dellore and his team are your Local Plumbers in Ballarat

Using a thermal camera for leak detection is a modern and efficient method employed by plumbing professionals. Here is a general process for detecting leaks using a thermal camera:

  1. Initial Inspection:

    • Before using the thermal camera, conduct a visual inspection of the area to identify any visible signs of leaks, such as water stains, mold, or wet spots.

    • Ensure that the area is dry to enhance the accuracy of the thermal imaging.

  2. Temperature Stabilization:

    • Allow the area to stabilize in terms of temperature. This may involve waiting for some time to ensure that the surfaces have reached thermal equilibrium.

  3. Thermal Camera Setup:

    • Turn on the thermal camera and configure it for the specific conditions of the environment. Adjust settings such as emissivity and thermal range as needed.

  4. Scan the Area:

    • Slowly scan the target area with the thermal camera, paying attention to temperature variations. Leaks can often cause changes in temperature due to the flow of water.

  5. Temperature Anomalies:

    • Look for temperature anomalies or irregularities that may indicate the presence of a leak. Water from a leak will often have a different temperature than the surrounding surfaces.

  6. Focus on Cold Spots:

    • Cold spots may be particularly indicative of water leaks. Water tends to be cooler than the surrounding materials, and the thermal camera can detect these temperature differences.

  7. Check Adjacent Areas:

    • Expand the scan to adjacent areas to determine the extent of the potential leak. Thermal cameras can detect changes in temperature through various building materials.

  8. Document and Analyze:

    • Document any findings, capturing images or recording video footage with the thermal camera. This documentation can be useful for further analysis and for providing evidence if needed.

  9. Confirm Findings:

    • If the thermal camera identifies a potential leak, further confirm the findings through additional testing methods or by employing complementary tools.

  10. Professional Assessment:

    • While thermal cameras are a valuable tool, it's recommended to seek the expertise of a professional plumbing service, like Dellore Plumbing Services, to confirm and address the detected leaks accurately.

Using a thermal camera enhances the efficiency of leak detection by providing a non-invasive and visually clear method to identify temperature variations associated with water leaks. Professional plumbers are well-equipped to interpret thermal images accurately and provide effective solutions for leak repairs.


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