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Dellore Plumbing Services require a 30% deposit before works commence to cover the cost of materials, machinery hire, transport, and other associated costs.

Dellore Plumbing Services require all payments to be made on completion.

Payments accepted: 

Cash, direct transfer, credit card, eftpos, visa, master card, pay pal, afterpay, and zip pay co.


Credit card, eftpos, visa, masterdcard are processed using  SQUARE card readers and will incur a 1.9% surcharge. 


0% interest payment plan by ZIP and AFTERPAY must be agreed, signed and processed prior to work commencing.


payments are to made to:

Dellore Plumbing Services

BSB 923100

AC 67321450

Reference: job address

Dellore plumbing services holds ownership of all materials, fixtures and products until final the payment is made and has the right to remove if required.

Dellore Plumbing Services has the right to request final payment prior to the completion of the project.

Dellore plumbing services has the right to ensure a safe working environment for its staff and requires clients to remain at a safe distance when works are being completed.

Dellore Plumbing Services are not liable for damage to existing services if services are found not to be installed in compliance with current regulations.

Excavation on WET DAYS will incur additional costs as clean up time will be extended.

Members of the public must hold an industry induction card (white or red) card to be present on site while works are being conducted.

Sewer jetting & drain cleaning - Dellore plumbing services have the right to charge additional labour rates if jetting nozzles become lodged in debris foreign to sanitary and stormwater lines eg. wet wipes, crushed rock, kitty litter, tree roots.

Remove of toilets - Dellore plumbing services will not be held accountable if the toilet pan & cistern is damaged on removal. Ceramic can become brittle with age and on occasion can crack or chip upon removal.




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